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How to determine if you need to replace a golf cart battery ?

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Lithtech offers a wide selection of deep cycle batteries to choose from ,Including Lithium Lifepo4 battery .

Whether you’re looking for a single battery for your personal golf cart or you manage many carts at a golf club and need multiple batteries, simply choose the make and model, and our Golf Cart Battery Finder will guide you to the best options.

One more sample of 35.8V 86Ah battery pack :

Battery type Prismatic
Nominal Voltage&Capacity 35.2V 86Ah
Quantity of Electricity 3.03Kwh
Weight 30Kg
Construction Way 11S1P
Operation Temperature -20℃~60℃
Charging Temperature 0℃~45℃
Continue/Max discharging current 50A/150A(30S)
Waterproofing Standard IP67
Cooling way Natural Cool
Battery cycle life >2000 times 80%


4 Signs you need to replace your golf cart batteries :

(1) Charge time are out of hand – Your golf cart could find itself taking longer and longer to charge whenever the battery dies.

(2) No Start — It should move gently when you softly press the pedal, but it should be able to hit top speeds when it’s down.

(3) Battery Appearance–Batteries that are having issues will bulge ,expand,or even show cracks.When this happens,handle them with care and also wear gloves .Batteries that have corrosion on top or along the sides will need to be cleaned or even replaced.

(4) Driving until Die–If you are charging your batteries when they are super low or about to die ,you night find that they will need replacing more often.


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