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Golf Trolley

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An electric golf trolley refers to a battery-powered cart which is programmed to lift a golf bag, embedded with clubs and other golf materials. They are gaining grounds thereby making players become conscious of the advantages of remaining clean for the complete 18 holes. This is as a result of manually carrying their bags.

This golf trolley is designed in various forms and shapes. They are made of different batteries, some are embedded with lithium golf batteries that are stronger and better for courses that span for long and also for terrains that are complex.

TLH BATTERY manufactures numerous types of rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs which are perfect for electric golf trolleys, golf caddy, and golf cart. We offer the unique and trusted warranty as well as, after sales support.

Our lithium golf trolley battery packs are obtainable in various dimensions and specifications such as

12V/24V/36V 5Ah-50Ah

Smart battery technology option

Same size as popular lead-acid batteries

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